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Making an outdoor advertising campaign a success entails a considerable amount of planning and devising an effective strategy. It is extremely imperative to follow every stage of the process in order to create beneficial outdoor advertising to meet your business objectives.

1. Analysis - Conduct research

Firstly always research the demographics and target audience thoroughly. Using social media tools such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter can be a real advantage. By digging deeper and understanding your prospective customer or clients, you can find out the aspects they value most from a service or product. This should aid your advertisements efforts by more effectively meeting the needs of your customers.

2. Design - Choose media

It is crucial to make the right decision regarding the media for your advertising campaigns. There are many factors that come into play when trying to choose the correct media for your campaign. Using the 5 W's - What, Who, When, Where, Why will ensure the correct target audience is chosen, the location of the media will be in the most effective place, the most suitable time and date to run the campaign and finally but most importantly what you are trying to achieve. You should ensure you are able to measure the effects of the campaign in order to judge whether it was a success or not. Taking time in this stage of the process will give you campaign a better chance of being fruitful.

3. Create - Make your advertisement unique

Be creative! By putting emphasis on creativity your outdoor advertising campaign will engage your customers by providing them with the opportunity to interact with your advertisement. It is vitally important to capture not only the attention of your customers but also their hearts. Additionally, it is imperative that you send a message to your consumer that shows not only that you care but that you also understand their needs. Make sure you include in your message how the product or service will benefit the customer and not focus on a special features or specification.

Furthermore offering something to entice customers to purchase your product or service is a proven way to make your campaign successful. This could be an incentive as everybody enjoys being reward or feeling they are getting something for free. Another example could be a free trial or by creating an offer for a limited time.

4. Delivery

There is no point in creating the most wonderful outdoor advertising campaign if it is delivered poorly. This will result in it being costly for your business with limited benefit. The aim is to delivery your message to as many people within your target audience as possible. By thinking through the thought process of a potential customer seeing your outdoor advertisement will help. By trying to capture your potential customers full attention which urges them to take action will determine whether your campaigns are effective or not. Probably the most important advice for the delivery of an outdoor advertising campaign is to be assertive. Do not be afraid to be persistent with your customer.

5. Review

Reviewing your outdoor advertising campaign after completion is an important aspect of the process. Reviewing can be done by evaluating your own perform by measures you set with your business or gathering feedback from customer who took you up on your offer and those who did not. By assessing your result you are able to determine what parts of the campaign were successful and those areas which were detrimental to the campaign. All this information should feed back into your next campaign and by constantly adapting you will give your business every chance of success.

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